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Creating varietals that realize the grape's full potential

"In creating the Powers varietals, whether we are blending fruit from different vineyards or producing a reserve wine featuring a single vineyard, we want lush, full flavors that continue to develop and evolve after bottling.

One of the benefits of working with many of the same growers season after season is an increased understanding of each vineyard’s aim and the characteristics of its fruit. Over the years we have become more attuned to reading the grapes and much more hands on throughout the production process.

We use specific yeast to extract the deep dark fruits and a rotary fermenter to intensify color and flavor without any bitter seed tannin. Through the aging process, we keep each vineyard’s fruit separate and typically rack the barrels 3 to 5 times in this initial period. Following blending trials, the new completed wines go back into oak barrels giving ample time for the broad range of flavors to fully marry.

With each vintage of Powers wine, we strive to create structured and compelling varietals that realize the fruits’ full potential. We are fiercely proud of making quality wines year in and year out that are affordable and that people enjoy around the world."

– Greg Powers, Director of Winemaking

– Jose Mendoza, Winemaker

1106 N. Jurupa St., Kennewick, WA, 99338, United States